Get a summer glow even when the sun isn’t shining!

The London Lassie gives the tops tips for a hydrated summer complexion…

After SIX MONTHS of winter, (seriously Mother Nature, what gives?) our skin really needs a boost. Winter isn’t the best time for skin. Chopping and changing between sub-zero temperatures and central heating filled homes causes skin to become dull and lifeless with a tendency to breakout. Because our body needs more energy in winter, if not fully nourished it will tap into the fat reserves, where essential skin nutrients are stored, resulting in dry skin. Dehydrated skin cells turn over sluggishly, causing a build-up of dead skin, which deters light reflection.

Something has got to give – and it doesn’t look like we can rely on the weather. Follow these tips to trick your skin into believing it’s spring.

Get a microdermabrasion facial

This treatment is known in the industry as the ‘non surgical facelift’ and it really is that miraculous. The skin is cleansed and then heavily exfoliated using crystals blasted onto the skin. This deep scrub smoothes out fine lines and reduces deep wrinkles. It also takes away the top layer of your skin which is blocked with oil and pollution. Afterwards, the excess skin is shown, and it’s not a pretty sight (think grey dirt), and if you get the tube to work it will be much worse. Oxygen is then pumped deep into the skin to give it a glowing and healthy boost. After your skin has been buffed to perfection and oxidised a deep hydrating mask is applied and left to set. The result? A glowing complexion you weren’t even sure you were capable of. Your make up will sit much better too!

Prices around £70 and available from most good salons.


Drink coconut water

Since the changeable weather is getting us down, many of us are beating the blues by engaging in a good night out. But the consequential hangover is another skin enemy leading to more dehydration. Drinking water is universally known as the way to go, but apparently pure coconut water is the most hydrating fluid you can drink for your skin. Get this delicious stuff down you to put all the rich goodness back into your complexion!


 Exfoliate regularly

Central heating and extreme weather can dry our skin out, and can also lead to breakouts. Keep excess oils at bay and remove pollution regularly by using a daily facial scrub such as St Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub (£4.29). Follow with a hydrating moisturiser and you’re good to go!

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Take Supplements

Although we all try to eat our 5 a day, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Add extra nutrients and improve your looks from within by taking a good daily supplement. Perfectil Hair Skin and Nails Tablets are always a winner and at only £6.69 for a month’s supply they are a bargain!



Okay, it seems obvious, but sleeping more is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Skin cell production is at its highest at midnight and your skin is more likely to absorb moisturiser after 4pm so make sure you apply a rich night cream. While you sleep your skin is given the chance to restore and revitalize itself. Your skin cells need 8-10 hours of rest in order to do this. Without enough sleep your body cannot drain off enough toxins meaning you can wake up with puffy and sallow skin with dark circles under your eyes – never a good look!


Dull winter skin – we’re coming to get you!

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