Burger and Lobster

This 18 month old finger-licking joint shows no sign of hitting the terrible twos…


Thank god Rod Stewart got sick. Sorry Rod, but it’s true. The ‘rents were down from bonnie Scotland to see the croaky crooner last Thursday. When he cancelled due to a ‘bronchial virus’ we decided to hit the Mayfair branch of Burger and Lobster. And although this unique restaurant is probably a decade old in hipster years, it shows no sign of stopping. The queue is still around the block, the atmosphere is buzzing, and the food (burger or lobster, the only choices) is phenomenal. Read on for the London Lassie‘s ratings.

Grub – 9.5/10

The one and a half pound lobster is char-grilled to perfection and the garlic butter that accompanies it is sublime! The tail is served ready to dig in, but for added fun value, the claws are left to crack open yourself! The fries are deliciously crisp and the dressed side salad a nice touch. The burger is also yummy (we got one to share, might as well try the whole menu eh?) with a generous covering of melted cheddar. They lose half a point for the near rippage of my dress…

Booze – 7/10

Whilst eagerly awaiting my table I sunk a cool, crisp Prosecco. With dinner we shared a bottle of Pinot Grigio which my folks loved, but I didn’t appreciate the vanilla after taste (can’t remember the name, sorry). The cocktail list is great and what this place lacks in food choices, it certainly makes up for in drink choices. Nevertheless, they’re not the cheapest…

Dolla’ – 7/10

Although everything on the munchtastic menu is £20 – a bloody bargain for a whole lobster – the drinks aren’t as good value. Don’t let the food fool you, you may end up spending double on drinks (which is what we did).

Perv Factor – 4.5/10

Burger and Lobster branches in cooler venues such as Soho may have a hotter clientèle. The Mayfair eatery mainly consists of married businessmen, camp Bond Street boutique workers and Chinese tourists. Nevertheless, a few bonny faces. They get half a point because my b-e-a-utiful mummy was there!

Banter – 9/10

The place goes like a fair and the bar is teaming with punters awaiting a table. Because of the ever growing queue outside, you get the  feeling you’ve sneaked into a really hip party. The waiters are also extremely friendly despite being under an expected amount of stress. However, the main chunk of points in the banter scale has to be for the fact that after requesting to check out the 11lb lobster (£165 if you want this…) the head chef (Ken, or Kev?) escorted us into the kitchen to shows us the gigantic sea creature and then proceeded to take us downstairs to show us the huge lobster tank! They sell almost 1,000 a day, you can imagine the size!

Would I return? Absolutely. Go eat.


LL rating: 8.5/10


Dad, the head chef and "Pinchy"

Dad, the head chef and “Pinchy”

Tucking in donned with Burger and Lobster bibs!

Tucking in donned with Burger and Lobster bibs!

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