Glam Glasto Gear

The London Lassie makes her imaginary shopping list for this year’s Glastonbury Festival…

I’ve always been a festival fan. There’s something really enjoyable about ditching showers, heels, fruit, electrical appliances and an acceptable distance from bodily fluids for a few days. The combo of dishevelled hair, warm cider, mud bronzed legs, dark eye bags complimented with neon eye-liner, chain smoking, holding one’s nose in a portaloo, and dancing under the stars to amazing acts is so fricking glamorous. It’s like being in an alternative universe for a few days. And I’m sure many would agree when I say there’s no bigger relief in the world than being in the firing line of a thrown beer cup full of warm liquid to smell cider, not piss.

I love festivals! Which is why I am severely disgruntled at the fact I don’t have one planned for the first summer since I was 16. After just helping my room mate decide on what she would wear to Glasto next week I am borderline distraught and consumed with jealousy. Imagine seeing the Rolling Stones!? Imagine dancing and boozing to Rudimental, The Arctic Monkeys and The Vaccines?! And imagine sitting chilling to the XX. Sigh…

Well I have decided to book Lovebox. I must have my fest fix this summer!

Since I’m on festival fashion mode here are my top picks to wow the crowds this summer:

Topshop, £16.00

Topshop, £16.00, $118.00, $118.00

ASOS, £15.00

ASOS (top), £15.00


ASOS, £15.00


ASOS, £36.00


ASOS, £40.00


ASOS, £45.00


ASOS, £60.00


ASOS (jacket), £180.00


Zara, £39.99


River Island, £20.00


River Island, £15.00

riverisland 20

River Island, £20.00


River Island, £60.00


River Island, £50.00


River Island, £40.00


River Island, £35.00


River Island, £25.00


River Island, £8.00


Hudson, £190.00


River Island, £20.00

free128, $128.00

Topshop, £8.00

Topshop, £8.00

Topshop, £36

Topshop, £36

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