Flesh and Buns

This Covent Garden centre of yumminess is a must-go!



With it’s never-ending plague of tourists, Soho has always been a ‘no go’ for a fun night out. However, with top secret and hip cocktail bars and eateries such as BYOC and La Bodegra Negra offering a hideaway from jabbering theatre go-ers Soho is once again a pretty darn cool place to go. 

My new fave for food? Flesh and Buns on Earlham Street.

Grub – 9/10

The speciality is quite literally what it says on the tin. Flesh (I recommend the piglet belly or duck breast) and Japanese soft buns. It’s messy, but god does it taste good! For desert opt for the open fire with green tea chocoate, marshmallows and biscuits.

Booze – 10/10

Good price. Got tipsy. What else can you ask for?

Dolla’ – 7/10

For 3 (small) courses and (plenty) alcohol it was around £40 p.p. Not bad for central.

Perv Factor – 4.5/10

There was a slightly less than dashing overweight asian man opposite eating Korean wings with his hands. The meat juice seeping down his arms really added to his aesthetic.

 Banter – 9/10

No-one seems to be in a rush and is definitely there to ‘make a night of it’. If you spot someone over 40 there, I’ll give you a tenner.

Bathrooms are complete with Japanese pornographic cartoons which gives you a giggle.

LL rating: 


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