My ‘desert island’ products

The London Lassie lists the latest products everyone should know about…

Lately I have came across so many great cosmetics. There is so much choice on the market so when I find something I love I have to tell everyone about it. Read on for my must-have’s…


The Facial Treatment: 


Alpha-H Liquid Gold (£31.30),

To put it bluntly, this is acid for your face. But don’t be put off. Apply to face and neck once a week at night time and awake to glowing, smooth skin.

The Toothpaste:


Janina (£11.25),

The best whitening toothpaste I have EVER used. It’s pricey for a toothpaste but trust me, your teeth will change colour.

The Facial Oil:


Cowshed Rasperry Seed Antioxidant Oil (£36.00),

I apply this day and night to hydrate my skin and fight London pollution. It makes your skin super dewy and smells amazing.

The Highlighter:


Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter (£24.50),

Apply along the tops of cheek bones, brow bone, length of your nose and on your cupid’s bow for glowing skin.

The Gradual Tan:


FAMOUS DAVE’S GRADUAL 10 Self Tan Lotion/Tan Extender (£17.99),

It’s rare to find a tan that looks good and does good. This bronzing wonder is full of oils and antioxidants to treat your skin as well as making your browner. The best thing is it’s literally streak proof, no matter how badly I apply, I have never EVER seen a streak.

Go beautify yourselves ladies!


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