Flesh and Buns

This Covent Garden centre of yumminess is a must-go!



With it’s never-ending plague of tourists, Soho has always been a ‘no go’ for a fun night out. However, with top secret and hip cocktail bars and eateries such as BYOC and La Bodegra Negra offering a hideaway from jabbering theatre go-ers Soho is once again a pretty darn cool place to go. 

My new fave for food? Flesh and Buns on Earlham Street.

Grub – 9/10

The speciality is quite literally what it says on the tin. Flesh (I recommend the piglet belly or duck breast) and Japanese soft buns. It’s messy, but god does it taste good! For desert opt for the open fire with green tea chocoate, marshmallows and biscuits.

Booze – 10/10

Good price. Got tipsy. What else can you ask for?

Dolla’ – 7/10

For 3 (small) courses and (plenty) alcohol it was around £40 p.p. Not bad for central.

Perv Factor – 4.5/10

There was a slightly less than dashing overweight asian man opposite eating Korean wings with his hands. The meat juice seeping down his arms really added to his aesthetic.

 Banter – 9/10

No-one seems to be in a rush and is definitely there to ‘make a night of it’. If you spot someone over 40 there, I’ll give you a tenner.

Bathrooms are complete with Japanese pornographic cartoons which gives you a giggle.

LL rating: 


Everyone say #SSSNYC!

The London Lassie’s takes a trip to NYC with Sunsilk…

On behalf of my new client Sunsilk, my fellow Salt PR colleague and I flew across the pond to shoot one of the most exciting look books of the decade!

Sunsilk haven’t been in the UK for a couple of years, but they’re HUGE in many other lands named under Elidor, Seda, Sedal and Sunsilk. Their Co-created products are customised for every hair type with the help of some of the world’s top hair experts. There’s Rita Hazan, colour expert to the stars; Ouidad, the Queen of Curl; Dr. Francesca Fusco, hair fall and scalp expert; Yuko Yamashita, who invented the Yuko straightening system; Jamal Hammadi, celebrity stylist and shine guru; Teddy, the go to guy on achieving volumous hair; Tom, the dry and damaged expert and last but not least, Mauro, the Latino hair expert.

Everyone knows bloggers are the new trend setters. I personally would much rather take advice from them than some PR ran celebrity. Bloggers are inspirational, not aspirational, so Sunsilk decided to shoot a fabulous look book at Hudson Studios in New York with 6 of the worlds top fashion bloggers, and their beloved hair experts!

The lucky bloggers:

Alaa Balkhy – Saudi Arabia/New York (http://alaabalkhy.blogspot.co.uk/)
Anny Vela – Peru (http://www.radarfashion.net/)
Eunice Annabel – Singapore (http://euniceannabel.blogspot.sg/)
Marou Rivero – Argentina (http://www.marourivero.com/)
Sherry Shroff – India (http://scherezadeshroff.blogspot.co.uk/)
Zuhal Okcu – Turkey (http://www.zetfashion.com/)

They were all a JOY to work with and absolutely gorgeous!

Apart from shooting we got to spend some fun times at some amazing Big Apple venues such as The Spotted Pig (where Maria parties with Jay Z and co!), ABC Kitchen, PHD, The Boom Boom Room, The Standard, Barneys, One Oak and Craft to name a few! A great week had by all…

A special thanks to all the hair experts, the bloggers, Salt PR, Unilever, Tracy, Nick & Co at Matador Productions, Hudson Studios, Vanity Projects (for their amazing nail bar), Anna Wolf (our superstar photographer), the lovely Martha and her very talented props crew, MARIA (big apple veteran and bff to Mary J. Blige and Beyonce!), Alpha Vomero (great stylist!), Marc and Michele at Marc Perman Management and of course Jamie Magnifico for being an all round legend!

Take a look at our story below…


Eunice_PartyRoom_072 Maro_Consultation_193 MauroOuidad_PortraitFull_066 PartyRoom_Misc_B_006 StylistsGroupShot_044 ZuhalEunice_PhotoBooth_C_012 Anny_PartyRoom_C_005

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Eunice_Styling_B_024 946975_10152809309435389_832675334_n 970987_10152803130150389_2027948884_n

Alaa_Styling_C_473 971375_515102241884990_324120476_n 971892_10152814514245389_688312298_n

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Zuhal_PartyRoom_055 Alaa_LivingRoom_C_454


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Do you have a martini rising?

Jesus turned water into wine, and everyone rejoiced. Centuries later in 1858, the British army brought Gin back from India and the G&T was born. In the sixties Sean Connery ordered a martini “shaken, not stirred” and started a revolution. A few decades later into the Noughties, Carrie Bradshaw made the Cosmopolitan cocktail a household name. This was closely followed by the mojito. The minty tipple was then followed by the plaguesque wave of sushi which brought a warm clay cup of sake.

But the sushi trend is now about as chic as stonewash denim, wine can be purchased in grotesque 5 pound boxes to fill the fridge of binge drinkers, Bombay Sapphire nestles retiringly in the cupboards of our mothers and the debate on whether to add a wedge of lime or cucumber is getting excruciating. So what is the next in the world of alcohol?

Rumour has it that snobbery doesn’t come into it. And it’s simpler that casually ordering the second cheapest bottle of Chardonnay. In actual fact, our astrological alignment may have the ability to choose the perfect poison for us.

 Intoxicated Zodiac, founded by Gwen Sutherland Kaiser, has designed astrologically personalised drinks that apparently give a unique elixir of life. Kaiser has experience as a New York City bartender and is a self-confessed zodiac buff. She has studied medieval herbal astrology, where plants have star signs just like humans, and apparently we are compatible with certain kinds. She utilises fruits and plants to match each zodiac sign, and produces drinks based on these traits. For example, the Leo cocktail features Clementine, a fruit that resembles the sun, which apparently has a physical trait to that of a Leo.

Kaiser has served as a master mixologist for Cocktail Times and has a popular blog on the subject of herbaceous cocktails.

Who knows, we may end up saying our birthdays rather than our alcoholic preferences at the bar. We can hear the potential pickup lines such as “What’s a nice Virgo like you doing in a place like this?” aligning already. And the age old line of “what’s your sign?” may become a necessity.

I’ll leave you Sagittarians with your own personalised cocktail created by Gwen. The cocktail’s star ingredient is fig, a fruit ruled by Jupiter, just like you Sagittarians.


2 oz whiskey, 1 ¼ oz fig syrup, ¾ oz fresh lemon juice (shake over ice and strain into glass. Garnish with a slice of fig.

Fig syrup: 1 c fresh chopped figs, 1 c white sugar, 2 c water (simmer for 20 minutes and strain)


The Dangers of Mixing Dolce with Drum ‘n’ Base

The London Lassie explains why her conflicting interests can sometimes make her feel like a fish out of water…

‘It’s a Drum and Bass night, but, you get the people you get unfortunately’.

That’s what an on looking wannabe hipster said about me whilst stepping out of a cab onto cobbles and tripping outside my favourite Edinburgh nightclub – the ultra hip and underground, Cabaret Voltaire. My DJ friends were playing that night, I love drum and bass and I’m not an asshole. So why did the guy say this?

Because of the way I was dressed.

I arrived with my best friends, all dressed in their ‘I-don’t-care-how-I-look-because-I-look-awesome-and-effortless-all-the-time-even-though-I-secretly-have-put-a-lot-of-effort-in’ look – very fitting to Cabaret Voltaire with its clientele of messy haired indie Cindies. However, with me, I guess you can say I know just as much about Deadmau5 as I do Donatella Versace. I was wearing a simple, yet elegant white shift dress and 6 inch KGs (which I can still dance like a maniac in by the way). Did I care I was going to a grungy underground club? Hell no. That’s how I like to dress. People can surely deal with that?

My friends found this hilarious of course. They knew the guy was wrong. They know me. However, it bothered me that this ‘you get what you get guy’ couldn’t deal with it. It infuriated me that because I was dressed differently from the usual clientele I wasn’t allowed to like or even be in that club. With a nightclub that over the years has showcased some of the most individual talent; did he really expect all the punters to dress the same?

He may have thought I was the kind that listens to the Saturdays and cries over a broken nail (if only he’d had a closer look at my horrendously untidy talons). He didn’t know that I’m a loud mouth, I watch the history channel and I read National Geographic. He didn’t know that I would choose the Strokes over the Saturdays any day, and at the time I was working for The Skinny, a publication he probably read every month. I wonder if he thought differently when I stepped onto the stage, hugged my DJ friends, started downing copious amounts of cheap cider and danced the night away like a mad man on the dance floor…

First impressions can be deceiving and we are all guilty of making snap judgements. I guess society doesn’t believe my personality matches my dress sense, and FYI: I don’t plan on changing either of them for anybody.