Festival fashion at its finest hits Selfridges

The London Lassie is thrilled with Selfridge’s new festival inspired pop up boutique…

Free People, the coolest, hippest, festival-fairy-like American brand has FINALLY landed in the UK.

Since a recent trip to the US I have been raving about this store and have been excitedly ordering online (which my bank balance isn’t too happy about). A Free People pop up store is now located in Selfridges, Oxford Street until 11th August.

Get there fast to pick up some bohemian boho beauties!

Here are my favourite purchases from Free People:


This gorgeous slip looks great when teamed with a mini black tube skirt and bralette – love it!


This skirt is fab for summer. Tip: watch on for a gust on wind or your love heart knickers could be on view (not speaking from experience or anything…)


This jumpsuit makes me feel like I’m back at Woodstock in the 70’s!


Glam Glasto Gear

The London Lassie makes her imaginary shopping list for this year’s Glastonbury Festival…

I’ve always been a festival fan. There’s something really enjoyable about ditching showers, heels, fruit, electrical appliances and an acceptable distance from bodily fluids for a few days. The combo of dishevelled hair, warm cider, mud bronzed legs, dark eye bags complimented with neon eye-liner, chain smoking, holding one’s nose in a portaloo, and dancing under the stars to amazing acts is so fricking glamorous. It’s like being in an alternative universe for a few days. And I’m sure many would agree when I say there’s no bigger relief in the world than being in the firing line of a thrown beer cup full of warm liquid to smell cider, not piss.

I love festivals! Which is why I am severely disgruntled at the fact I don’t have one planned for the first summer since I was 16. After just helping my room mate decide on what she would wear to Glasto next week I am borderline distraught and consumed with jealousy. Imagine seeing the Rolling Stones!? Imagine dancing and boozing to Rudimental, The Arctic Monkeys and The Vaccines?! And imagine sitting chilling to the XX. Sigh…

Well I have decided to book Lovebox. I must have my fest fix this summer!

Since I’m on festival fashion mode here are my top picks to wow the crowds this summer:

Topshop, £16.00

Topshop, £16.00

freepeople.com, $118.00

freepeople.com, $118.00

ASOS, £15.00

ASOS (top), £15.00


ASOS, £15.00


ASOS, £36.00


ASOS, £40.00


ASOS, £45.00


ASOS, £60.00


ASOS (jacket), £180.00


Zara, £39.99


River Island, £20.00


River Island, £15.00

riverisland 20

River Island, £20.00


River Island, £60.00


River Island, £50.00


River Island, £40.00


River Island, £35.00


River Island, £25.00


River Island, £8.00


Hudson, £190.00


River Island, £20.00


freepeople.com, $128.00

Topshop, £8.00

Topshop, £8.00

Topshop, £36

Topshop, £36

Burger and Lobster

This 18 month old finger-licking joint shows no sign of hitting the terrible twos…


Thank god Rod Stewart got sick. Sorry Rod, but it’s true. The ‘rents were down from bonnie Scotland to see the croaky crooner last Thursday. When he cancelled due to a ‘bronchial virus’ we decided to hit the Mayfair branch of Burger and Lobster. And although this unique restaurant is probably a decade old in hipster years, it shows no sign of stopping. The queue is still around the block, the atmosphere is buzzing, and the food (burger or lobster, the only choices) is phenomenal. Read on for the London Lassie‘s ratings.

Grub – 9.5/10

The one and a half pound lobster is char-grilled to perfection and the garlic butter that accompanies it is sublime! The tail is served ready to dig in, but for added fun value, the claws are left to crack open yourself! The fries are deliciously crisp and the dressed side salad a nice touch. The burger is also yummy (we got one to share, might as well try the whole menu eh?) with a generous covering of melted cheddar. They lose half a point for the near rippage of my dress…

Booze – 7/10

Whilst eagerly awaiting my table I sunk a cool, crisp Prosecco. With dinner we shared a bottle of Pinot Grigio which my folks loved, but I didn’t appreciate the vanilla after taste (can’t remember the name, sorry). The cocktail list is great and what this place lacks in food choices, it certainly makes up for in drink choices. Nevertheless, they’re not the cheapest…

Dolla’ – 7/10

Although everything on the munchtastic menu is £20 – a bloody bargain for a whole lobster – the drinks aren’t as good value. Don’t let the food fool you, you may end up spending double on drinks (which is what we did).

Perv Factor – 4.5/10

Burger and Lobster branches in cooler venues such as Soho may have a hotter clientèle. The Mayfair eatery mainly consists of married businessmen, camp Bond Street boutique workers and Chinese tourists. Nevertheless, a few bonny faces. They get half a point because my b-e-a-utiful mummy was there!

Banter – 9/10

The place goes like a fair and the bar is teaming with punters awaiting a table. Because of the ever growing queue outside, you get the  feeling you’ve sneaked into a really hip party. The waiters are also extremely friendly despite being under an expected amount of stress. However, the main chunk of points in the banter scale has to be for the fact that after requesting to check out the 11lb lobster (£165 if you want this…) the head chef (Ken, or Kev?) escorted us into the kitchen to shows us the gigantic sea creature and then proceeded to take us downstairs to show us the huge lobster tank! They sell almost 1,000 a day, you can imagine the size!

Would I return? Absolutely. Go eat.


LL rating: 8.5/10


Dad, the head chef and "Pinchy"

Dad, the head chef and “Pinchy”

Tucking in donned with Burger and Lobster bibs!

Tucking in donned with Burger and Lobster bibs!

Dr. Francesca Fusco

The London Lassie has a wee blether with leading dermatologist and Sunsilk hair expert, Dr. Francesca Fusco, in New York on how to achieve thick healthy locks!



After year’s of wearing extensions my hair feels thin, and has the tendency to fall out. How can I prevent this?


If they’re long hairs with a little white bulb at the end that’s okay.

*she grabs a hair*

Do you see that little white bulb on the tip? If you’re seeing that little white bulb that’s okay to have hairs coming out. That means it was ready to fall out and there is a new hair behind it. But if you are losing a lot, like more than a hundred hairs a day that could indicate that there is a nutritional issue going on or a stress issue or a change in hormones. Probably one of the most frequent causes of hair loss is when women are going through stress; we aren’t getting the right dietary components in our body.

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan?



Dr Fusco:

Ok, and do you get red meat and vegetables in your diet?


A lot of vegetables, I eat red meat around once a week.

Dr Fusco:

Ok, well one thing you could consider doing is taking a vitamin every day. There are a number of vitamins that you can buy in your local drug store that can help your skin and hair, and they contain a good amount of iron and things you may not be getting in your food.

And just remember there is always a 2-4 month lag between doing the right thing and then noticing it reflected in your hair. So you will have to be doing it for about 2-3 months before you see any results.


I see.

Dr Fusco:

So that’s for the sheddy part of it.

In terms of them snipping the ends of the hairs…May I look at your hair to see?



Dr Fusco:

Normally everyday you blow dry your hair?


No, every few days but I always straighten it, which is very bad right if I do it everyday?

Dr. Fusco:

If you do it properly…It’s okay!

(Looking at the tips of the hair)

When was the last time you had your hair trimmed?


A month ago.

Dr Fusco:

Ok, it’s good! A bit dry, do you colour your hair too?


Yeah, but semi-permanent and haven’t done it in a while.

Dr Fusco:

I can see the colour on your hair!

*she continues looking*

So now what I am going to do is look mid-shaft to try find a bubble hair…

It’s not bad but a bubble hair comes from heat, the hair is almost woven like under a microscope and you see a little white bubble in the middle.


Oh my god! That sounds awful!

Dr Fusco:

Yeah, its called bubble hair and bubble hair means that you have to be more careful with the heating products that you’re using because that strand is more likely to break. And you don’t want it to break right in the middle.

*she finds a few!*

One thing you can do to prevent that is nourish your hair every day just like you would nourish your face.

You know when you wake up and your face is really dry and flaky? You can fix it by moisturising it and the same thing for your hair. So, you treat your hair to a hair mask once a week or whenever you can, pay a lot of attention to the tips.

A lot of women forget to put the conditioner and products on their scalp, afraid it is going to weigh down the hair and make it greasy but it won’t.

So, remember to really massage it thoroughly into the scalp and comb it through the hair and try to give your hair a holiday at least one day a week from the heat…if you can, if you can!


Wow I never thought of putting conditioner on my scalp!


Trust me, your scalp needs it!


I’ll be trying it!

Your hair is so full and bouncy *it really is*. How do you recommend women get volume like yours?

Dr Fusco:

So, part of that comes from the styling and when you speak to the stylist they will tell you how to use the right brush and also using the right product will make a big difference. You can talk to your stylist to help you choose the best product for your hair and achieving the volume.

I am sure you know the trick of when you go to bed at night wearing your hair up in a scrunchie, do you know that trick?


No… *I haven’t owned a scrunchie since 1996, but according to Ashish they’re making a comeback!*


Okay, so you want to wake up the next morning with volume… You put your hair in a ponytail on top, in a loose scrunchie and when you wake up in the morning and you take the hair down it’s perfect! That’s the trick. Use a scrunchie because they don’t damage the hair.


Great tip! And so easy! *note to self: buy scrunchie*

Dr Fusco:

Yeah, I know right!

Another thing is using dry shampoo. So what you do is lift the hair up  and you spray a little of the dry shampoo underneath and then when you let go it looks a little bit more volumised.



Yeah good!

Dr Fusco:

Any other questions you have?


Do you think there is an increase in hair fall for young women in recent years?


I have to say over the last five years I have been sitting in my office and all the young girls have hair fall due to the damage. So for me the message getting out to them is, take it easy with the heating products and extensions and if you can give your hair a holiday once a week. A Saturday or Sunday don’t use the heating products and condition, condition, condition.

Feed your hair from the roots, from the scalp.


Thanks Francesca!

Cannes goes braid crazy!

The London Lassie is loving wonderful weaving on the red carpet…

The hair trend on the red carpet at Cannes this year was almost definitely plaits. Woven by the likes of Cara Delevingne, Nicole Kidman, Olivia Palermo and our Cheryl – it’s clear this style coveted by little girls has been grasped by the hands of the world’s top stylists.

To get the on-trend superstar look simply weave an effortless messy French plait, secure with a Cheryl and Nicole inspired black ribbon and wait for the compliments to stream in…

Bérénice Bejo opts for a Heidi style look

Bérénice Bejo opts for a Heidi style look

Miss Delevingne rocks an edgy fish plait

Miss Delevingne rocks an edgy fish plait

La Creme de la Creme - Chezza steals the show yet again!

La Creme de la Creme – Chezza steals the show yet again!

Emma Watson looks cute with a messy side braid

Emma Watson looks cute with a messy side braid

Freida looks super glam with this braided up do!

Freida looks super glam with this braided up do!

Milla Jovovich looks super sultry with this effortless looking up do

Milla Jovovich looks super sultry with this effortless looking up do

Nicole's french plait complete with ribbon give her a more youthful look!

Nicole’s french plait complete with ribbon

LOVE Olivia Palemo's super volumised side braid!

LOVE Olivia super volumised side braid!

Everyone say #SSSNYC!

The London Lassie’s takes a trip to NYC with Sunsilk…

On behalf of my new client Sunsilk, my fellow Salt PR colleague and I flew across the pond to shoot one of the most exciting look books of the decade!

Sunsilk haven’t been in the UK for a couple of years, but they’re HUGE in many other lands named under Elidor, Seda, Sedal and Sunsilk. Their Co-created products are customised for every hair type with the help of some of the world’s top hair experts. There’s Rita Hazan, colour expert to the stars; Ouidad, the Queen of Curl; Dr. Francesca Fusco, hair fall and scalp expert; Yuko Yamashita, who invented the Yuko straightening system; Jamal Hammadi, celebrity stylist and shine guru; Teddy, the go to guy on achieving volumous hair; Tom, the dry and damaged expert and last but not least, Mauro, the Latino hair expert.

Everyone knows bloggers are the new trend setters. I personally would much rather take advice from them than some PR ran celebrity. Bloggers are inspirational, not aspirational, so Sunsilk decided to shoot a fabulous look book at Hudson Studios in New York with 6 of the worlds top fashion bloggers, and their beloved hair experts!

The lucky bloggers:

Alaa Balkhy – Saudi Arabia/New York (http://alaabalkhy.blogspot.co.uk/)
Anny Vela – Peru (http://www.radarfashion.net/)
Eunice Annabel – Singapore (http://euniceannabel.blogspot.sg/)
Marou Rivero – Argentina (http://www.marourivero.com/)
Sherry Shroff – India (http://scherezadeshroff.blogspot.co.uk/)
Zuhal Okcu – Turkey (http://www.zetfashion.com/)

They were all a JOY to work with and absolutely gorgeous!

Apart from shooting we got to spend some fun times at some amazing Big Apple venues such as The Spotted Pig (where Maria parties with Jay Z and co!), ABC Kitchen, PHD, The Boom Boom Room, The Standard, Barneys, One Oak and Craft to name a few! A great week had by all…

A special thanks to all the hair experts, the bloggers, Salt PR, Unilever, Tracy, Nick & Co at Matador Productions, Hudson Studios, Vanity Projects (for their amazing nail bar), Anna Wolf (our superstar photographer), the lovely Martha and her very talented props crew, MARIA (big apple veteran and bff to Mary J. Blige and Beyonce!), Alpha Vomero (great stylist!), Marc and Michele at Marc Perman Management and of course Jamie Magnifico for being an all round legend!

Take a look at our story below…


Eunice_PartyRoom_072 Maro_Consultation_193 MauroOuidad_PortraitFull_066 PartyRoom_Misc_B_006 StylistsGroupShot_044 ZuhalEunice_PhotoBooth_C_012 Anny_PartyRoom_C_005

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BehindTheScenes_C_297 923013_10152809326895389_2038929573_n 935323_10152803127930389_700393264_n 936853_10152809309870389_671581111_n

BehindTheScenes_020 941559_515101898551691_425010391_n

BehindTheScenes_051 941929_10152833721150607_1112879506_n 942230_10152814517565389_970086311_n 943276_10152803129045389_1239053686_n

Eunice_Styling_B_024 946975_10152809309435389_832675334_n 970987_10152803130150389_2027948884_n

Alaa_Styling_C_473 971375_515102241884990_324120476_n 971892_10152814514245389_688312298_n

DSC_0288 DSC_0292 DSC_0295 DSC_0298 DSC_0308 DSC_0316 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_12 image_15 image_19 image_21


Zuhal_PartyRoom_055 Alaa_LivingRoom_C_454


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And I thought it was just me!

The London Lassie is glad not to be the only one sick of fashion week freak shows.


As February neared I grew more and more excited. What sort of fashion art would Holly Fulton conjure up? Could Christopher Bailey top last season? I planned my outfits, and I arranged what shows and parties to go to (well, since in the fashion world I’m positively working class, I decided what parties I could get to). As Friday came I slipped on my Karl Lagerfeld camouflage dress, I slid my toes into some spiked KG shoe boots, I clutched my Alexa bag and kept the February winds at bay with a black boucle jacket with studded shoulders. If I was to walk down the high street in my tiny Scottish home town I’d probably get a few looks. At London Fashion Week? Hell no.

My friend Ramla and I strolled into Somerset house to discover a swarm of photographers gathering around a seemingly stylish, or famous individual. First thoughts were Cara Delevingne, or perhaps Jourdan Dunn? Or, could we be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Wintour cracking a smile? No. It was a girl wearing a giant cat on her head.

For seasons I’ve been thinking someone’s gotta give – I can’t be the only one that finds these exhibitionists unfashionable? That’s why I was absolutely ecstatic when I read Laura Weir’s feature, ‘Is this fashion?’ in yesterday’s issue of Style. Like myself, Weir has noticed that these ‘fashion murderers’ (a fashion victim copies, these freaks are just plain cray) are all out for publicity and to be honest, don’t know shit about what looks good. It’s style vile, not street style!



Tim Blanks, Editor-in-chief at style.com recently said street style “is empowering, but empowering in the way that reality television is empowering. It doesn’t make gods, it makes monsters”. Please Chanel (my fashion god), don’t make fashion like reality TV! I saw Arg from Towie at the last fashion week, it actually seems to be happening already!

These self promoting bloggers are all about getting photographed and will go to all odds to ensure it. Think bright colours, colourful wigs, a clash of hideous prints and necklaces made of Duplo. And most of them act disgruntled when they get pictured. You poor little infamous bloggers.


But can you go all out and get it right?

I actually think you can. But it’s rarer than seeing Victoria Beckham smile. Ever heard of Pandemonia? A giant plastic doll like ‘work of art’ that (I think) pokes at the fake and shallow culture we live in. We don’t know who the latex wearer is – is it a man, or a woman? Pandemonia is kind of the Banksy of the fashion world. P’Trique is another one. Just google him. He’s too funny for words. Take note: if you’ve got a point, or a crazy personality to match, I’ll let you off.





Which bloggers get my vote in the style stakes? Number 1 has to be Kristina Bazan, the beautiful Swiss blogger. Then Audrey Rogers (Be Frassy) and finally, an up-and-coming blogger who I think sticks to her own style, Tamara at Glam & Glitter.

Kristina Bazan

Kristina Bazan

Audrey Rogers

Audrey Rogers

Tamara (Glam & Glitter)

Tamara (Glam & Glitter)

What do you think of LFW exhibitionists? Which bloggers do you think get it right?

Get a summer glow even when the sun isn’t shining!

The London Lassie gives the tops tips for a hydrated summer complexion…

After SIX MONTHS of winter, (seriously Mother Nature, what gives?) our skin really needs a boost. Winter isn’t the best time for skin. Chopping and changing between sub-zero temperatures and central heating filled homes causes skin to become dull and lifeless with a tendency to breakout. Because our body needs more energy in winter, if not fully nourished it will tap into the fat reserves, where essential skin nutrients are stored, resulting in dry skin. Dehydrated skin cells turn over sluggishly, causing a build-up of dead skin, which deters light reflection.

Something has got to give – and it doesn’t look like we can rely on the weather. Follow these tips to trick your skin into believing it’s spring.

Get a microdermabrasion facial

This treatment is known in the industry as the ‘non surgical facelift’ and it really is that miraculous. The skin is cleansed and then heavily exfoliated using crystals blasted onto the skin. This deep scrub smoothes out fine lines and reduces deep wrinkles. It also takes away the top layer of your skin which is blocked with oil and pollution. Afterwards, the excess skin is shown, and it’s not a pretty sight (think grey dirt), and if you get the tube to work it will be much worse. Oxygen is then pumped deep into the skin to give it a glowing and healthy boost. After your skin has been buffed to perfection and oxidised a deep hydrating mask is applied and left to set. The result? A glowing complexion you weren’t even sure you were capable of. Your make up will sit much better too!

Prices around £70 and available from most good salons.


Drink coconut water

Since the changeable weather is getting us down, many of us are beating the blues by engaging in a good night out. But the consequential hangover is another skin enemy leading to more dehydration. Drinking water is universally known as the way to go, but apparently pure coconut water is the most hydrating fluid you can drink for your skin. Get this delicious stuff down you to put all the rich goodness back into your complexion!


 Exfoliate regularly

Central heating and extreme weather can dry our skin out, and can also lead to breakouts. Keep excess oils at bay and remove pollution regularly by using a daily facial scrub such as St Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub (£4.29). Follow with a hydrating moisturiser and you’re good to go!

 st ives

Take Supplements

Although we all try to eat our 5 a day, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Add extra nutrients and improve your looks from within by taking a good daily supplement. Perfectil Hair Skin and Nails Tablets are always a winner and at only £6.69 for a month’s supply they are a bargain!



Okay, it seems obvious, but sleeping more is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Skin cell production is at its highest at midnight and your skin is more likely to absorb moisturiser after 4pm so make sure you apply a rich night cream. While you sleep your skin is given the chance to restore and revitalize itself. Your skin cells need 8-10 hours of rest in order to do this. Without enough sleep your body cannot drain off enough toxins meaning you can wake up with puffy and sallow skin with dark circles under your eyes – never a good look!


Dull winter skin – we’re coming to get you!

Oil slick, or chic?

The London Lassie looks at the latest celeb hair trend…

A rather surprising look has made it into the hair style stakes this season. And it’s causing controversy everywhere. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence have been rocking the slicked back look. The shiny rooted style was also seen on many a Spring/Summer catwalk through the likes of Giambattista Valli. But is this look gorgeous, or greasy?

Giambatista Valli SS13

Kim Kardashian rocking the slicked back look

Although this style is daring, and easy to get wrong, when done correctly it frames the face and looks enormously sexy (think Ursula Andress stepping out of the ocean and running her fingers through her sea dampened hair). Also, it only takes five minutes to create -minimum input, for maximum output!

The trick is to keep the roots shiny, not greasy, and keep the lengths of your hair matt. This can be done by slicking some Bumble and Bumble Semi Sumo through dry roots. This best selling product promises to give flexible hold and a grease free shine. Brush hair back using your fingers and pin behind the ears to hold. Then spray some dry shampoo (Baptiste is the best) into the lower roots and ends of your locks. Rub the dry shampoo in and then brush through. Finally, remove the pins and you’re done!

semi sumo

Don’t go for this style if you have sticky out ears as it will only enhance them. If you have perfect ears, don some chandelier earrings and go for it! This style gives all face shapes an edgy and sophisticated look. Pass the hair gel…

Check out LOOK’s beauty editor Katie styling the look on me (I don’t know why I look so moody by the way…):

The Best of Autumn Winter 13/14

The London Lassie celebrates the top shows of the season…

5) Chanel

As models strutted around a giant globe to the tune of Daft Punk’s Around the World in the Grand Palais one thing became clear. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock it’s pretty apparent Karl Lagerfeld has taken over the world. And really he can do no wrong. Season after season he manages to capture the attentions of even the style evaders with his avant-garde and unique designs. The hula bag of this season for example – who woulda thought?

After the AW13 show it’s clear the international style savvy will be picking up on key trends such as super sexy thigh high boots, dropped hem coats (chamaaaazing), fluffy pink and teal hats, small boxy bags in bright pink blue and yellow, slit-front skirts to show shorter ones beneath, and high collared crisp white shirts.

Karl, now you’re just showing off…



4) Burberry Prorsum

Arguably Christopher Bailey’s best work yet – ‘nuf said.

Who would have thought sheer latex could be classy? Who thought a collection heavily utilising safari prints could still look British? Bailey has the innate talent of keeping a legendary label to its traditional routes whilst keeping it oh so now. Burberry’s hero piece, the trench, was revamped by adding sheer latex sleeves and brash gold pockets and belt. Tailored traditional pencil skirts became either sheer showing everything, or were made using shiny reptile skin, leopard print, or daring pvc. Take note: pencil skirts are now edgy.

Burberry is known in recent years for being one of the best brands to embrace social media marketing. And this became clear in the collection as instagram style hearts dotted their way across much of the deliciously caramel, chocolate and honey hued collection. Because of the juxtaposition between past, present and future – Burberry nailed it. 



3) Balmain

If you believe less is more – look away now.

Think Dynasty, Arabian nights and MC Hammer. Sounds wrong doesn’t it? Well, Olivier Rousteing got next season’s Balmain concoction oh so right.

Following a similar vein from last season, the catwalk glistened with dropped crotch metallic trousers, wrestler style cinched in metallic waists, strong shoulders and draped clothing. The garments in rich shades such as plum, fuchsia and teal, were complemented with chandelier style earrings and slicked back flowing tresses. This Glam Rock array is a collection no-one can wait to get their hands on (unless you’re a wallflower, power hips and power shoulders at once may be too much for some).

Sure, Rousteing keeps giving us his signature stand out metallic and power shoulder styles but hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.



2) Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs’ latest injection into the house of Vuitton rendered a vigorous applause in Paris. Not just because the supermodel, Kate Moss made a runway appearance, but because of the designer’s stunning take on classic 50s ladieswear. Traditional became modern and poised became promiscuous.

Models were topped with Elizabeth Taylor style short black wigs that made even Kate and Cara look unrecognisable. Cute floral blazers were worn with no bottom half showing off ivory limbs. Pastel coloured Pyjama like skirt and trouser suits were rocked with modern attitude. Petticoat like pencil skirts were worn with lace bra tops under oversized masculine overcoats. Silk mini hot pants were worn with over sized traditional cashmere sweaters. And tweed was given a modern makeover by adding fur, feather and sequin encrusted hems. Vintage style fur coats were worn over silk nightdress-like lace trim dresses, like a sexy 50’s glamour puss making a dash from the Savoy at 4am.

Marc Jacobs stated before the show “Some of my friends in the show, who shall remain nameless, have spent a lot of time with me in hotel rooms, all dressed up but not going out. I like the louche implications of all that”. The collection certainly did have a boudoir feel, and looked like the most glamorous walk of shame ever.

louis vuitton2

louis vuitton 4

louis vuitton1

1)      Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana’s AW13 dose of glamour was a regal affair. Mixing renaissance opulence with British traditionalism and the usual Sicilian sexiness, it’s no doubt this collection comes top of the list.

“This collection is very Brit,” Stefano Gabbana said before the show began. And with hints of British history such as medieval style crowns, highland inspired plaid and tapestry style garments onlookers eyes set ablaze.

With dresses encrusted with mosaics of patron saints, opulent crowns, and lavish sunglasses the designer duo’s obsession with religion became clear. The mosaic styles were inspired by the Monreale Cathedral, a Norman structure outside Palermo, gothic and elaborate gold crucifixes were worn around necks and of course, Dolce and Gabbana’s signature black lace was utilised heavily.

The glistening yet gaudy eye opening display was paused a little by showcasing a more sombre palette of grey, black and white in the form of tweed three piece figure hugging suits with Elizabethan style corset peplums.

And just when the aroused audience had calmed down, the blood red finale took to the stage. This is probably a moment that will go down in history as one of the most magical moments in the temple of Dolce and Gabbana. Pure regal, pure splendour. Bravo.