The secret to looking like Cara…

…from A-List stylist to the stars and the Victoria Secret Angels, Teddy Charles!

British Vogue cover, January 2014

If you haven’t heard of Cara Delevingne you’re from another Universe, let alone another planet. The internationally renowned model is known just as much for her ability to party as her ability to work a Burberry Prorsum runway and is never out of the press whether it be in a DKNY advertisement or pictures of her watching basketball with Rihanna. The IT-girl is simply unstoppable at the moment with a bubbling acting career through the likes of up-coming movie, The Face of an Angel and Karl Lagerfeld’s Fendi film and she has also just had her second British Vogue cover shoot within ten months.

One thing that shines on the January 2014 cover, is her amazing beach waves. Despite looking relaxed and effortless, this is often the hardest hair trend to achieve. Curls either fall flat, look too poodle-esque, or too much salt spray results in a matted birds nest! 

I spoke with Teddy Charles, the stylist behind many supermodels such as Gisele, Karlie Kloss, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Jourdan Dunn and of course Cara, about how to get perfect Delevingne waves. Teddy has worked with Cara on numerous projects including the DKNY campaigns and says: “Cara is really fun – she makes everyone laugh on shoot! Her hair is in great condition too.” Want to know a HUGE secret? “I always put extensions in Cara’s hair when I style it”, says Teddy. Ah-ha! Finally the explanation to her lengthy locks. But, what about those gorgeous loose waves? Read on…

A-List stylist, Teddy Charles

A-List stylist, Teddy Charles

How to get Cara’s waves [Warning: may lead to intense strutting]:

Step 1: Wash hair with shampoo and use a tiny bit of conditioner at the tips. If hair is too moisturised it will fall flat. Rinse hair with cold water for extra shine! 

Step 2: Blast hair upside down until almost dry. Then, use a medium round bristle brush to create height and volume. Scrunch hair whilst drying to achieve gorgeous Cara-like waves!

Step 3: Spray dry shampoo at the roots for body and spritz the lengths of your hair with a little salt water for bouncing model-like tresses…

You’re welcome ladies!

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